Snow Goose Migration Alert!

2/18/14  We are set up in Kansas now and killing Snow Geese over decoys regularly,  the temps are in the 70′s today and the ice on the lakes is vanishing fast!  NEW snow geese arriving daily, hunting will only get better from here on out, we are seeing between 50,000 and 100,000 Snow Geese each day as it fluctuates with new birds arriving and other birds migrating north.  These are good numbers but not huge numbers like at Mound City, HOWEVER the fact is we are the only guys hunting this area and I have yet to even see another spread of decoys in the area…this light pressure translates to geese that are much more willing to decoy down to great shotgun range…I’m talking 10yards on some groups.  We had a single hunter that had a volley of shots over the fullbody spread as over 1000 snow geese came barreling down and started landing in the decoys, he shot 4 birds with three shots and all four birds fell with 15yards of our layout blinds.  For those interested in our spreads we typically hunt over 1000-1500sillosock, 3-6vortex machines, 120 Fully Flocked Snow Goose Fullbodies, and 50+Flappers.

Available Dates For Snow Goose Hunts:  Kansas Feb. 21,23-27, Nebraska March 3-6, 11-13, 16-18, 20-23 South Dakota March -5-April 4.  Call today 307-267-2559

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