Weather Stalls Migration, 1.5million snows!

3/4/14  We are hunting the snow line and the snow goose roost that we are hunting now holds over 1/2million snow geese according to local biologists, another 750,000+ in the area, thats 1.5million snows in our hunt area.  The massive roost can be heard in the mornings from over 5 miles away, quite impressive.  Hunting has been up and down which pretty much sums up snow goose hunting as a whole.  Our guides are enjoying some morning shoots that have guys ripping through shot shells as fast as they can reload, other shoots are leaving us feeling schooled by a bird with a brain the size of a walnut.  Never the less we are absolutely having a fantastic spring snow goose season, the spread we are running is complete with 1200 sillo decoys, 120 full bodies, 6 vortex machines and about 50 flying flapper decoys, take all that and add in two sound systems and 8 speakers and you have a recipe for success.
Availability: Nebraska Hunts March 11,12,13, 17,18, 20-23, South Dakota March 26-31, April 1-4, 7-14
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