Kansas Hunters Bag First Ever Snow Geese in Blizzard

2/4/14 The Kansas Snow Goose Hunts have been going good considering the conditions…Today 40mph+winds, blowing and drifting snow, but a great day for hunting as we had a father son pair in the field and they shot their first ever snow geese! We had a good bit of shooting today and the snow geese are here and I predict that the conditions will only get better as the weather now begins to give way and warmer conditions will soon bring even more birds up from the south…some perspective clients can’t believe we are shooting snow geese in Kansas this early but fact is that we have had good numbers of birds to hunt for weeks and we will continue to hunt these very low pressure areas as long as they hold birds and we are being successful. The snows decoyed especially well today, finished a lot of groups of over 100birds to 20yards, great range for spring snows, proving that yes you can finish snows over decoys.  Call us now and get your spring hunting fired up!  Catch Jason out of the fields on the phone in the evenings or talk to Judi during the day while we are hunting. 307-267-2559

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