Hunting Snow Geese! 63 Bird Day in Kansas, South Dakota Hunts starting!

3/18/14  Our Kansas hunts ended with a bang!  We got a 63 bird day that included too many volley’s to count, most birds taken on a volley was 7, I think, and we had many volley’s with just 2-4birds dropped, what I’m getting at is with 4 guns going the amount of shooting going on was pretty amazing!  To the credit of the boys shooting we were dealing with 40-50mph winds that basically made the first shot great but then birds would hook the wind and be moving very fast.  Nebraska hunts were shorter this season than ever before, we are making efforts to start our South Dakota Hunts now and will continue into April 10th or so.  If you want to hunt some crazy white birds then give us a shout, we will put you on em and have some good laughs.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

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