Hunting Reports

2017 Sage Grouse Upland Combo Hunts

wyoming waterfowl hunting

Grey Reef Western Wingshooting 2017 season is almost here and man I’m excited to get things started!

Spring rains here in 2017 have continued well into June, what does this mean?  Hungarian Partridge broods should be doing quite well, in my experience I expect a robust return of large coveys of 20 plus birds and back to what we witnessed two years ago with a bumper crop of Huns!

A quick note we have just a couple slots left to fill in our Sage Grouse Season, the season dates are Sept. 16-30.  If you want a very unique hunt for Sage Grouse combined with Blue Grouse & Hungarian Partridge during those dates get with us soon, they wont last!

For those of you who don’t know we have over 30 square miles of Private Ranch land leased exclusively for bird hunting, its a real hunting paradise, client dogs are welcome and we have kennel space at our lodge for them or just hunt over our guides dogs, your choice.  Call Judi or Jason at 307-267-2559 and get booked today!



2016 Combo HUNTS 3 species of Grouse & Huns!

Jack_and_BrandonWyoming Sage Grouse Hunt dates available for 2016, dates open are Sept. 17,18,19,24,27,28…This wild bird hunt can be combined with Huns and or Blue Grouse and Chukar.  We have some slots open in October for Huns, Chukar, Sharptails, and Blues…give us a call for available dates, come hunt and stay in our brand new lodge just opened, see our lodging page for details.

November is my favorite month of the fall for both bird hunting and catching big brown trout, Cast and Blast trips available, weather is typically not a big concern until around Thanksgiving here in Casper.  Dont take my word for it come check out our great hunting in November, you’ll love it!

Call Judi or Jason at 307-267-2559 for booking.

Kansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts Start Feb. 1, 2015

63 Snows Kansas

Kansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts begin Feb. 1, we have these dates available right now they are Feb. 3-6, 19.  Call if the dates you want are not listed and we will see if we can slip you in.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Kansas are field hunts over a base spread of 2000 decoys, 6 vortex machines, 2 sound systems, and over 200 fully flocked full body snow goose decoys.  If you have never hunted spring snows then make this year your year to do it.

Operating only 2hrs 45 minutes from Kansas City or 5hrs from Denver, Colorado.

We arrange lodging for you at local hotel.


Spring Snows, Blues, and Ross Geese all over decoys!

Wyoming 2014 Upland Bird Crop Looks Great! Best Water in Years…

Upland Fly Fishing Combo Trip Packages7/21/14 The 2014 Fall Crop of Upland Birds looks great!  I have been guiding birds in this area for 12 years, lived in Wyoming my entire life, this is the best the prairie grass has ever looked.  Timely rains and the perfect amount of sunshine has grown prairie grasses as tall as my knee.  This has translated to many upland birds including Hungarian Partridge and Sage Grouse with the perfect balance of food and water, the cover should allow the young birds good overhead cover to avoid raptors…we don’t know yet if the birds will be as plentiful as in 2011 but things are looking real good!  The very best time to enjoy our hunting in my opinion is November, the weather is perfect for hunting, a lot of days in the mid 50′s and as we get cooler weather the birds tend to start to group up into bigger covey sizes…for availability and booking call 307-267-2559.

Hunting Snow Geese! 63 Bird Day in Kansas, South Dakota Hunts starting!

3/18/14  Our Kansas hunts ended with a bang!  We got a 63 bird day that included too many volley’s to count, most birds taken on a volley was 7, I think, and we had many volley’s with just 2-4birds dropped, what I’m getting at is with 4 guns going the amount of shooting going on was pretty amazing!  To the credit of the boys shooting we were dealing with 40-50mph winds that basically made the first shot great but then birds would hook the wind and be moving very fast.  Nebraska hunts were shorter this season than ever before, we are making efforts to start our South Dakota Hunts now and will continue into April 10th or so.  If you want to hunt some crazy white birds then give us a shout, we will put you on em and have some good laughs.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Weather Stalls Migration, 1.5million snows!

3/4/14  We are hunting the snow line and the snow goose roost that we are hunting now holds over 1/2million snow geese according to local biologists, another 750,000+ in the area, thats 1.5million snows in our hunt area.  The massive roost can be heard in the mornings from over 5 miles away, quite impressive.  Hunting has been up and down which pretty much sums up snow goose hunting as a whole.  Our guides are enjoying some morning shoots that have guys ripping through shot shells as fast as they can reload, other shoots are leaving us feeling schooled by a bird with a brain the size of a walnut.  Never the less we are absolutely having a fantastic spring snow goose season, the spread we are running is complete with 1200 sillo decoys, 120 full bodies, 6 vortex machines and about 50 flying flapper decoys, take all that and add in two sound systems and 8 speakers and you have a recipe for success.
Availability: Nebraska Hunts March 11,12,13, 17,18, 20-23, South Dakota March 26-31, April 1-4, 7-14
Give Jason or Judi a call 307-267-2559 book your trip today.



Snow Goose Migration Alert!

2/18/14  We are set up in Kansas now and killing Snow Geese over decoys regularly,  the temps are in the 70′s today and the ice on the lakes is vanishing fast!  NEW snow geese arriving daily, hunting will only get better from here on out, we are seeing between 50,000 and 100,000 Snow Geese each day as it fluctuates with new birds arriving and other birds migrating north.  These are good numbers but not huge numbers like at Mound City, HOWEVER the fact is we are the only guys hunting this area and I have yet to even see another spread of decoys in the area…this light pressure translates to geese that are much more willing to decoy down to great shotgun range…I’m talking 10yards on some groups.  We had a single hunter that had a volley of shots over the fullbody spread as over 1000 snow geese came barreling down and started landing in the decoys, he shot 4 birds with three shots and all four birds fell with 15yards of our layout blinds.  For those interested in our spreads we typically hunt over 1000-1500sillosock, 3-6vortex machines, 120 Fully Flocked Snow Goose Fullbodies, and 50+Flappers.

Available Dates For Snow Goose Hunts:  Kansas Feb. 21,23-27, Nebraska March 3-6, 11-13, 16-18, 20-23 South Dakota March -5-April 4.  Call today 307-267-2559

Kansas Hunters Bag First Ever Snow Geese in Blizzard

2/4/14 The Kansas Snow Goose Hunts have been going good considering the conditions…Today 40mph+winds, blowing and drifting snow, but a great day for hunting as we had a father son pair in the field and they shot their first ever snow geese! We had a good bit of shooting today and the snow geese are here and I predict that the conditions will only get better as the weather now begins to give way and warmer conditions will soon bring even more birds up from the south…some perspective clients can’t believe we are shooting snow geese in Kansas this early but fact is that we have had good numbers of birds to hunt for weeks and we will continue to hunt these very low pressure areas as long as they hold birds and we are being successful. The snows decoyed especially well today, finished a lot of groups of over 100birds to 20yards, great range for spring snows, proving that yes you can finish snows over decoys.  Call us now and get your spring hunting fired up!  Catch Jason out of the fields on the phone in the evenings or talk to Judi during the day while we are hunting. 307-267-2559